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What chronographs and materials have marked these two decades? What ten trends have emerged and why will the tourbillon never be the same again? What are the twenty watches that best symbolize each year and how has women's watchmaking evolved? How have the bracelet and patents been used? The Millennium Watch Book also provides a better understanding of the rise of small independents, the use of silicon and the rise of the second-hand watch.

In addition, it lists all the winning watches of the Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix in all categories since its creation in 2001, and establishes the Who's Who of watchmaking since the turn of the third millennium: those without whom contemporary watchmaking would not be the same today.

In celebration of the leading watch media GMT Magazine’s and WorldTempus’ 20th anniversary, the publishing company is creating an innovative book covering the watch industry in the years 2000-2020 titled The Millennium Watch Book.

 From the newest technologies, innovative use of materials, trends that shaped the last two decades and people who have had a powerful impact on the watches we love, The Millennium Watch Book aims to become the definitive reference for all things horological in the last 20 years—and while the world of mechanical watches is niche, it’s a rich universe for storytelling with many enthusiasts. 

 Coming in the form of a large-format collectible “coffee table” book, The Millennium Watch Book covers all luxury mechanical watch brands that have made significant strides and changes in the first 20 years of the new millennium. Industry journalists and watch collectors lend their expertise in this book on how mechanical watchmaking has changed and evolved in the 21st century (for our full list of contributing journalists, click here). 

 Whether you’re simply an enthusiast, a seasoned collector or even an industry specialist, The Millennium Watch Book is the ultimate reference book you need for the past two decades in horology.

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